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Leather Power Swivel Recliner

The leather power swivel recliner has a two-tone mocha top grain leather cover and an aluminum frame. The recliner has two weight capacity capacities which means you can enjoy a good night's sleep with complete comfort. The recliner is also equipped with a swivel function which makes it easy to move around. The leather material is one of the most comfortable and tough materials available, making it a great choice for any use.

Leather Power Glider Recliner

The leather power glider recliner is a great way to enjoy a good book or watch a good movie while in your bed. This recliner is easy to use and is great for people who are tired or for people who want to enjoy a good book or movie without having to move around. This recliner is perfect for people who want to read, watch a movie, or do some relaxation exercises.

Top 10 Leather Power Swivel Recliner

This leather power recliner has a 2-tone mocha top grain leather aluminum design. It is a smooth, lightweight leather that has a comfortable position for any age group. The power recliner has an adjustable swivel function that allows you to select either a standard or fast-paced power. The leather is also backed by a full-coverage concept with a built-in strap for extra safety. The recliner also has an automatic shut-off feature that will turn off the power once there is a stop motion. This leather power recliner is perfect for those who want a soft, luxurious feel to their life. this leather recliner has a black genuine leather swivel power recliner seat. This recliner has a usb port for adding a new battery or charger. The recliner also has a comfortable back rest and makes mushroom beds. With its mechanics and easy-to-use controls, this recliner is perfect for anyone. The leatherette cover is perfect for a casual atmosphere and the swivel chair can be easily turned to a traditional chair with the touch of a button. The portability of this recliner is enhanced by the fast-drying leather.